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We all need a little help sometimes

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Do you ever find yourself in the middle of a project and wish you had one more team member with expertise in a certain area? Have you ever been in the process of implementing a new program and had questions that you didn't know how to answer? Ever needed a fresh perspective on something but nobody was available? I might be able to help.

Although I typically work on projects from start to finish or in a phased approach, I'm also available to provide expertise on an as-needed basis. A few of the ways I do this are:

  • Rapid evidence reviews to help scope out a project quickly
  • Provide ongoing advice to guide evidence reviews and synthesis
  • Troubleshoot project planning
  • Add a 'lens' to your proposal or project (e.g., equity lens, food systems lens, health impacts lens, specific population group lens, etc.)
  • Brainstorm and help evaluate ideas
  • Help turn a theoretical concept into something you might implement 

If you need to fill an expertise gap on your project or maybe just another brain and body to help with volume from time to time, get in touch and we can discuss whether I'm the right person to meet those needs. I can provide this service ad hoc at an hourly, daily, or weekly rate. If you expect to need my services over a longer time period, we can work on a retainer basis — whether for one hour a week or one day a week.