Knowledge Creation, Translation and Implementation (KTI)

As a KTI specialist, I create new knowledge, synthesize existing information, and help put it into practice.

  • Ask the right questions to find useful answers. 
  • Assess needs and gaps in knowledge, skills, or policy. 
  • Get creative to answer complex questions.
  • Put research evidence and practical knowledge to work for implementation in practice and policy development.

Evidence-informed Policy and Guidance

With my expertise in evidence-informed guidance, I can help you move from theory to practice.

  • Harness knowledge from evidence, practice, and stakeholder engagement to strengthen policies, processes, and programs.
  • Clarify needs and fill programming or resource gaps. 
  • Integrate multiple forms of knowledge to develop practical tools and resources.
  • Develop guidelines that work for users and regulators.

Training, Facilitation and Engagement

As an educator, speaker, and facilitator, I can support professional development and cross-sector collaboration.

  • Integrate new concepts to professional practice and support positive organizational development.
  • Build capacity and guide practice change to support health equity and healthier communities or food systems.
  • Develop curriculum and deliver training online, in person, or through engaging print or multimedia materials. 
  • Facilitate planning sessions and workshops to engage staff, build new knowledge, or find innovative solutions.

Take a look at my Portfolio to view samples of my work. 
See my Blog for stories about past projects and other topics.

How I work

We can discuss arrangements that fit your needs. I work on a project/contract basis or as needed to provide expert consultation. Fee arrangements can be set for specific deliverables or based on an hourly/daily/weekly rate.

My commitment to clients

  • Work responsively to clarify project goals and direction, and identify the most effective approach.
  • Clearly articulate expectations, including interim and final timelines for budget and deliverables.
  • Check in regularly with updates and to obtain input.
  • Discuss proposed changes in direction and provide options for moving forward.
  • Provide polished deliverables that address feedback.
  • Follow privacy and confidentiality protocols as required.
  • Commit to continual professional development and stay up to date on current knowledge.

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